Depends on how you see

Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light. But when your eye is bad, your whole body is filled with darkness. And if the light you think you have is actually darkness, how deep that darkness is! Matt. 6:22-23

Nearsighted people tell stories about seeing trees for the first time through corrective lenses and being able to make out individual leaves and branches. We base our insights, responses, and plans on what we think we are looking at. If we are looking through myopic lenses of selfishness, fear, anger, inflexibility, hopelessness, and confusion then we may never know that the green blob we’ve been calling a monster is really be a tree. Christ offers us corrective lenses so that we can see and respond to our world with His love, truth, hope, wonder, and grace.

Lord, correct my flawed vision.