Breaking down “real world” Biblical advice

A man’s gift makes room for him And brings him before great men. Prov. 18:16

Is giving gifts the writer’s love language? Is the Bible advising us to offer bribes or suck up to powerful people? Thoughtful gifts to those with whom we have personal, social, and businesses relationships do help us gain influence with those people. If gifts refers to our talents and abilities, then is the implication that those who are gifted and skilled in a particular area are likely to be perceived as more valuable and influential? We tend to base career decisions as much on what we consider our weaknesses as on what we consider our strengths because we are more likely to improve our lots by improving our existing strengths. This might be “real world” advice, but Jesus does things a whole different way.

Jesus thank you for bringing Your strength to my weakest areas and giving me Your most precious Gift because I have nothing to give back.