Mother’s Day when mothers are a mess

As a mother comforts her child, so I’ll comfort you. Is. 66:13

Mother’s Day might be all pink roses and teacups for some people, but it can be painful for those who feel that they missed out on the tender, comforting, safe and accepting love usually associated with mothers. Some of us had messy mothers or have been messy mothers. Mother’s Day might even arouse resentment, disappointment, or guilt. Whatever our “mommy issues,” God can transform our relationships, our memories, and our perceptions about our mothers and ourselves. He loves us and no matter how we think we’ve been failed or how we think we’ve failed, He can heal and restore the years the locusts have eaten. God longs to gather us under His wings like a mother hen to love, comfort, and restore us, our mothers, and our children. It doesn’t matter who failed because He hasn’t.

Thank You God for being there with the messy mother I had and the messy mother I’ve been.