Playing the hot potato worry game

Give all your worries and cares to God because He cares about you. I Pet. 5:9

God cares about all our hard, confusing conflicts, our unsolvable problems, our energy- and wallet- sapping illnesses, our needling distractions and obligations, our personal challenges and addictions, our rational and irrational fears, our family dramas, and every other draining worry that we carry around until worry gets too hot to hold. Knowing He’s caring and powerful we surrender our worries and feel better; but then, because of fear, impatience, control issues, or simply habit, we take the worries back to hold for awhile. Then we feel guilty about not trusting Him better. He still cares about us. Giving Him our worries isn’t a Christian accomplishment He’s judging; it’s a comfort He’s offering, and will keep offering as long as we have worries.

Lord, take these worries and keep reminding me to of why I left them with you!