If “come to Jesus” doesn’t mean rest, you might be doing it wrong

Come to me all you laboring and burdened ones and I will give you rest. Matt. 11:28

Good thing today is a holiday, we Americans need the rest. The average employed American works 47 hours a week (including second jobs). On average, we spend over 2 hours a week working on household chores and in households with young children, another 2 on childcare activities (not play). On top of that, according to recent Gallup polls, 40% of us aren’t getting enough sleep. If those who engage in church activities and Bible study view those activities as “work” (and they certainly can be) we can add another 5 hours into the mix. Rest is the opposite of doing more or trying harder or focusing on fixing our failures. Those just add to the restless stress It means being careless in His care, relaxing in His arms, and focusing on His completeness and sufficiency for us.

Lord, show me how to rest in You even while I am in motion throughout the day.