No fashion sense

Dress the new self, created in God’s likeness, in righteousness, holiness, and truth. Eph. 4:24

We wear new clothes made of a material called righteousness, sewn with thread of holiness, washed in truth. We can’t make clothes like this. We don’t have the material, the skill, or the means. Like the prodigal who comes home to His father in rags, our Father asks our brother Jesus to dress us like His children. Unlike the resentful brother in the parable, Jesus joyfully brings out the best new clothes and helps us dress in something that is so comfortable and just fits. It’s probably not the outfit we’d pick for ourselves either. Meaning well, we might tend toward overly formal, scratchy, flashy religious outfits or screaming slogan t-shirts. Not only can we not come up with the fabric, we aren’t that great at picking clothes or  dressing ourselves either.

Lord, I surrender myself to your capable hands.