Prayer is not magic incantation

For when two are more are gathered I am there in the midst of them. Matt. 18:20

This verse is often used to imply that somehow corporate prayer is more effective than personal prayer. Read in context, Jesus was talking about a specific Hebrew tradition involving the need for witnesses in resolving disputes and reconciling the parties involved. While prayer with another person can cause His love and concern to feel more tangible, praying with others isn’t a magic formula for getting what we want from God. God is present in us so we don’t need a crowd to invoke His presence. God wants to communicate with us so we don’t need specific words, postures, or some magic number of participants in order to get His attention. It’s His great pleasure to give us His Son, His Kingdom, and everything we need. God doesn’t get off on seeing us beg.

Lord, thank You for dwelling in me and giving me good gifts even before I even ask.