Stop writing lines

Do not let kindness and truth leave you. Bind them around your neck. Write them on your heart. Prov. 3:3


Sometimes we just run out of “nice.” The kindness around our necks feels heavy, our forced kind gestures feel false but our unkind remarks or thoughts don’t feel right. Depending on whose handwriting is on our hearts we might experience the heavy burden of the law or the light burden of Christ. When we do the writing ourselves, sort of like writing lines, we get tired and the writing gets squiggly and the message gets lost in he effort. When we read the handwriting of the Savior instead of our own, we don’t have to manufacture kindness or measure it, we simply have to access His kindness already written on our hearts. This is part of the easy yoke and light burden that comes with  being a partaker in His divine nature rather than simply an imitator of it.

Lord, help me to respond with authentic kindness in Your handwriting, not mine.