Even if you catch it, you can’t hold onto it for long

The love of God is a reality for us because God sent His Son into the world so that we could find true life through Him. I Jn 4:9

Sometimes we hit on some formula for personal success that works for awhile. On our best days we might achieve one authentic connection with another human being, if just for a moment. Once in very great awhile we experience that flow that comes with the joy of channeling all our gifts and talents into creating or accomplishing something on an elite level. Then we try to figure out how that happened so we can duplicate the experience – and hopefully market it to others. Our efforts to adjust our thoughts and habits for success can be utterly exhausting and frustrating because we can’t keep forcing this flash of transcendence to steady state of being. The reality of Jesus is living in His love so that the reality we long for becomes a result of abiding in Him rather than a pursuit.

Thank you for the rest that comes when I stop chas it.