Praying to escape disaster isn’t the same as expecting something amazing

Rejoice in hope, be patient in trouble, be constant in prayer. Rom 12:12

We sometimes relegate hope for a joyful outcome to the next life. Our prayers are often desperate pleas for God to head off our current version of the worst-case scenario and substitute it with some version of “acceptable loss.” Perhaps expressing our most joyful wishes, the best-case scenarios that we truly desire is a more spiritually and emotionally constructive way to pray. Such prayer recognizes this Christ renders redemptive, restorative, joyful impact of situations in this present life as well as in the life to come. Such prayers can cause the same sort of excited mouth-watering expectation we feel when we smell something new and we know it’s going to be delicious but haven’t actually tasted it. God gives good.

Lord, I want to see beyond my best-case scenario and participate in Yours.