Can there be degrees to wholeness?

He did choose us before the foundation of the world….having foreordained us to the adoption as sons thorough Jesus Christ…in whom we have redemption through His blood…having revealed to us the secret of His will…to bring into one the whole in Christ, the things of heaven and earth, in Him…Eph. 1 YLT

Can there be degrees to the wholeness of the infinite and eternal Christ? Is the cross subject to the limitations of measurement by degree? Is God’s love? As finite creatures we have a tendency to measure and make “how many,” “how much,” or “what percentage” statements about things within our finite space-time existence. Is the cross subject to this sort of finite interpretation and measurement or is it infinite and eternal in nature? If Jesus can’t be more crucified or more resurrected, can any of us be more or less forgiven or chosen? Maybe “chosenness” is not about “better than” or exclusivity or favor but about being agents of change, healing, and reconciliation to His wholeness. And there are no degrees of agency either. If there are any degrees involved it is the degree to which we are aware that we are reconciled by the cross to the eternal and infinite wholeness of Christ.

Lord, thank You for making me more aware of  living and moving and having my being in Your loving, gracious wholeness.