You’re killing me smalls

For the turning of the simple kills them, And the security of the foolish destroys them. Those who listen to me dwell confidently, quiet from fear of evil! Prov. 1:32-33

In the Bible, “simple” doesn’t mean simplicity. “The simple” are people who are easily distracted, don’t think things through, fall for deceptions, act impulsively, ignore good advice, and respond immaturely. Fools reject every idea but their own, refuse to listen, reject logic and evidence contrary to their perspectives, spin the consequences or deflect blame when things go wrong. The good news is that God loves us and sent Christ to redeem us even when we are being our stupidest selves. Awareness that God is with us and for us won’t keep us from experiencing trouble, but might help us minimize stupidity and certainly provides  perspective, confidence, and peace so that we avoid the killing power that big messes, and sometimes even little ones, can have on our hearts, minds, and lives.

Lord, quiet my fears and help me to dwell in You with confidence and peace no matter the trouble, no matter the cause.