Mothering is a balance of gathering in and letting go

…just as a mother eagle stirs up its nest, encouraging its young to fly, and then hovers over them in case they need help, and spreads its wings and catches them if they fall, and carries them up high on her wings. Deut. 32:11 How I long to gather you like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you refuse. Matt. 23:37 (The Voice)

Mothers nurture, comfort, and hold onto their children because they want to protect them. Mothers teach, equip, and let go of their children because they want to see them soar. Learning when and how to let go, and when and how to gather in is one of the biggest challenges of motherhood. Every child is different, every flight is different. We can be comforted in knowing that God really does know exactly how we feel; and that when we experience these feelings about our children we are sharing the very heart and mind of God.

*If you are the child of a mother who let go too much for you, or gathered in too much for you, or just couldn’t or wouldn’t figure motherhood out at all, forgive her and let yourself be mothered by the God who gets you and knows you. He can be a good good mother too.

Thank you, God for being the mother I always needed as well as the Father.