How to slow down time

People make plans but the Lord establishes our steps. Prov. 16:9

It is in relishing the present that we slow down time. We can focus so much on key experiences like events, dates, vacations, graduations, new jobs, moving to new places, marriage, babies, holidays, retirement, even heaven, that we miss the wonder and joy of right now. When we look back and can only mark time by milestones, it can seem as if our lives have flown by. Certainly planning ahead helps life run more smoothly. Practicing and preparing builds competence and confidence. Looking forward to something creates excitement and enhances our enjoyment when the time comes. There are good things about looking ahead, but fully engaging in the present is how we experience eternity now. If we rush from milestone to milestone focused on the future, we might miss the moments of wonder and revelation that God establishes in each step in between.

Lord, show me all You have for me as I stand in this one step that You established for me to live in right now.