God calls shenanigans on identity theft

You have not received a spirit of bondage to fear but of adoption as children so you can call out to Him, “Daddy!” Rom. 8:15

Every single one of us is beloved and valuable and adopted. We are God’s wanted children. We sometimes identify ourselves by our fears and guilt, by our past wounds and scarred psyches, by our flawed desires and addictions, by our imperfections and inadequacies. These things define us in our own eyes and are reinforced by the Accuser, who comes to lie, steal, and destroy, who wants us to see ourselves as damaged goods and outsiders, and who offers us unhealthy, destructive response patterns that entrench us in these false identities. God calls shenanigans on all this, saying to the identity Thief  “not who they are, not who I made them.” Our loving Father already identifies us with Christ. As His children. He offers us the authenticity, freedom, and abundance that comes with discovering who we already are.

Daddy, when I forget who I am, help me remember.