Fear? There’s no fear in love!

There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out all fear. I Jn. 4:18

Imagine Jesus saying “There is no fear in love” in the same incredulous tone that Tom Hanks says “There is no crying in baseball,” in A League of Their Own. The power of His love makes fearlessness it not only possible, but reasonable. If we know and feel that we are deeply, personally, unconditionally loved by the most powerful force in the universe who has nothing but goodwill toward us, is it possible to stop being afraid? Is part of our fear concern that God won’t address the problem the way we want it addressed? God reveals Himself as love incarnate, establishes His covenant of grace through Christ, and proclaims us eternally reconciled to Him. As powerful and legitimate as many of our fears may seem, no fear can reasonably stand up to that.

Lord, help me to be so aware of Your love for me and for others that my fear disappears; and help me trust You when I’m afraid Your solution will be different from mine.