Don’t be a settler

Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts. I Jn. 5:21

Sometimes not settling means letting go, or re-prioritizing stuff we really love. Some of this stuff can cause us cause us to hurt ourselves or other people. We may feel the need to close our hearts and minds to God in order to shut out the dissonance these desires create within us. Stuff like this obviously isn’t good for us. But some stuff we really love may seem to be healthy, profitable, even noble, yet throwing all our attention and efforts there still leaves us feeling vaguely naggingly unfulfilled. We were made for more than any of this stuff can offer us, yet we find ourselves oddly grasping for more of the same because it provides us with familiar, if temporary satisfaction. God wants to fill our hearts, minds, and lives with His eternally satisfying abundance. We need not settle for anything less than the love, joy, peace, purpose and identity that God wants to give us.

Lord, my heart is all Yours.