Not independent, interdependent

It is not good for he man to be alone. Gen. 2:18  So we, the many, are one body in Christ, and members, each one, of one another, having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us. Rom. 12:5-6 Father, make them one as We are One. John 17:22

Life in Christ involves belonging. Early in Genesis the idea is introduced that even though Adam has relationship with God he also needs another human being in order not to be “alone.” God exists in Trinity with three members who are members of one another. This was the image he stamped on the first human relationship He created. This is the image He stamped on the body of Christ we call the universal church and on the individual communities we call the local congregation. We belong to each other and with each other. We need to regularly experience and contribute love, grace, wisdom, energy, and goodwill in the context of membership in a tangible group of people, our body, our church. We are not independent we are interdependent. We need each other and we need to belong.

Lord, help us to discover what means to belong as members of one body just as You, Father, Son, and Spirit, are members of One.