The currency of forgiveness

And forgive our sins [trespasses, debts] as we have forgiven those who sin against us. Matt. 6:12

If the currency of forgiveness is not the cross – total, complete, unearned, and restorative – we are all screwed. Some of us have trouble forgiving because we ourselves are guilt-ridden and haven’t forgiven ourselves or felt forgiven by God or someone else. And some, in our pride, never feel the need to be forgiven. And some of us just enjoy feeling justified in our offended. Like so much else Jesus said to His friends who relied on law for redemption, the Lord’s prayer contained impossible challenges that only the power of Christ Himself make possible. We don’t earn forgiveness by forgiving others. While we still needed forgiveness, Christ forgave us. The powerful result of Christ’s loving, gracious forgiveness is reconciliation to God Himself. It is from the storehouse of this same abundant, unmerited grace that we draw when we forgive and seek forgiveness.

Lord, let me live and breathe Your grace.