Transformation is not the same thing as improvement

May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Matt. 6:10

Jesus came to make us citizens of His kingdom not to give us a citizenship test we have to pass. His death and resurrections accomplishes transformative reconciliation to God.We can’t cause this change through successful adherence to disciplines and practices, through behavioral modification, or through improvement programs. Not to say those things can’t be valuable in improving our lives and relationships, but only Christ transforms us or make us new creations.  Our actions, attitudes, and choices as kingdom citizens reflect our awareness of our spiritual transformation, our adoption as sons and daughters, and our citizenship in His kingdom so that we become on earth as we’ve been made in heaven.

Lord, help me experience the reality of Your kingdom come. Give me greater insight into who I am in heaven and help me reflect that transformation in who I am on earth.