Life really is good

Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later. Rom. 8:18

We don’t get to decide what happens to us but we get to determine its power over us. Sometimes what we label “suffering” boils down to inconvenience. Sometimes what we label “persecution” is simply disagreement. Our perspective and response to unpleasant experiences determines the mark they make on us. Not to say the pain we feel is not real and legitimate and worthy of attention and comfort. It’s often helpful in getting past hurt to acknowledge it and talk it through. We gain realistic perspective by remembering His loving presence is always with us and in us, His victory over evil and death applies to whatever we are experiencing, His victory is reconciling all things to Himself even things that presently oppose Him. Add to that all the people who love us, the opportunities we  have, and the moments of true beauty, joy, and peace that He gives us in this world, comparatively speaking, no matter what happens, life is good.

Lord, you are good all the time and I praise you.