Love syllogisms

If…The love God has for us is something we can abide in… I Jn. 4:16
Then… we are at this moment present in His love rather than striving for it.

If …God abides in us because we abide in love and that is how love is perfected in us… I Jn. 4:17
Then… we can trust the perfect love He initiates rather than struggling to attain perfection ourselves.

If …Fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love… I Jn. 4:18
Then… we can feel secure in His unconditional love for us and in His power to restore and transform us rather than fearing that our efforts are inadequate, our failures disqualify us, that God is angry with us, or that His “go-to” response is to punish us for our mistakes.

If… we love because He first loved us…I Jn. 4:19
Then… we can love (the verb) because He folds us into Love (the noun that is the defining nature of God Himself) rather than merely offering us behaviors to imitate and impulses to follow.

Lord, I want to be fully present in, and aware of, the reality of Your love as I live this life You’ve given me.