You (yes, you) are an amazing wonder in the mind of God

Lord, You have done so many amazing wonders, and yet Your thoughts about us cannot even be numbered. No one can compare to You! Ps. 40:5

The mind that mapped the stars in every universe, the ones we know about and the ones we don’t, also mapped the human experience. The mind that set the revolutions of the heavens, created time and seasons, and the interconnected ecosystems that form the rhythms of physical existence also created the seasons and rhythms of human lives. The pleasure, attention, and purpose the Creator directs toward all the wonders in all the worlds is also fixed on human beings. Most of our perceptions about ourselves and others are limited to the thoughts we can think about ourselves, but there are amazing wonders that God thinks about us all the time…and since God is love, they are thoughts full of affection, abundance, and goodwill.

Lord, help me to see myself and others as the amazing wonders You’ve made us.