Full keeps getting fuller

I want to talk to you about the One you already worship without full knowledge… Acts 17:23

Paul was referring to the Romans’ shrine to the “unknown god” erected to cover any deity they might have missed. Is recognition of the Almighty God as Father, Son, and Spirit – especially of Jesus as God – the “full knowledge” Paul is referencing here? But even those of us who believe in Him do not worship with “full knowledge.” There are unknowns in each of our experiences with Him and each of our understandings about Him. Problems happen when we enshrine our assumptions and insist on asserting our unknowns as immutable truth. Jesus deconstructed shrines and disrupted assumptions and used relationship and revelation to make Himself known. Full knowledge doesn’t mean we know all there is to know.

Father, Son, and Spirit – what I know of You fills me completely yet the thought of fully knowing You fills me hope, excitement, and anticipation.