Defeat for the kingdom of fear

Fear not, little flock because it gives the Father delight to didomi (give, appoint, bestow) to you the basileia (kingdom, reign, royal power, dominion, rule.) Luke 12:32

Rulers of the kingdom of fear oppress, manipulate and dominate using fear and shame. Jesus’ redemptive victory at the cross was a coup that replaced the kingdoms of fear that the political and religious rulers administered to their advantage and that the enemy twisted to his own purposes. Clinging to these defeated kingdoms, its former rulers would keep us feeling like powerless serfs and worthless rabble, scrambling to earn favor and dominated by fear. As members of Jesus flock we can now see ourselves as fearless, empowered citizens and beloved, endowed children who bask in our Father’s delight.

Lord, I delight in Your perfect love that casts out all fear.