A personal history of Thanksgiving

I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers. Phil. 1:4

When it comes right down to it it’s the people in our lives, not the stuff or the circumstances, that matter. We remember how we met. We connected by God-inspired serendipity through birth, marriage, work, school, neighborhood, common interests, and random encounters.  We tell stories about our shared experiences, some sweet, some funny and some even disastrous.  The history of my relationships with these people has, at one time or another, served as personal affirmation that God is indeed love. These people are the blessings and treasures God has given to me, and I thank Him for them.

Lord, I thank you and pray joy and abundance on these dear friends who sit at the tables in my house on this particular Thanksgiving, and also on the larger gathering who sit at the ever-expanding table in my heart.