The wonders of Christmas 5

Jesus is mirrored in Melchizedek in whom the new priestly office arises, not based on the law of precepts constrained by the frailty of the flesh but by the authority of an indestructible life demonstrated by Christ’s resurrection. Heb. 7:15-16

The birth of Incarnate God Who is both Priest and King is a wonder of Christmas. God didn’t send a high priest to confirm and enforce the system the Jews had built around their understanding of law, sacrifice, and forgiveness. He didn’t send a king to rule according to that system, or any other earthly system. God Himself experienced birth and dwelt among us to restore His spiritual kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven. Instead of demanding compliance as adherents and subjects, Christ invited humans into the roles He created us for: royal priests and beloved children of His loving, gracious, and redemptive Kingdom.

Lord, I want to celebrate this season as child and priest of the everlasting Kingdom where I live now and forever.