The wonder of naming

No longer will your name be called Abraham Gen. 17:15
No longer will your name be called Jacob Gen. 32:28
Saul became known as Paul. Act 13:9
I will give to each one white stone with a new name written on it. Rev. 2:17

When most of us experience the joy of naming – a new baby, or even a new puppy – we think about names that are in some way meaningful and reflect something about the being we are naming. We even name inanimate objects because they matter to us. Historically, being recognized as legitimate with the father’s name often meant the difference between having an inheritance and not having an inheritance. Our Father has a special name for each of us too. He calls us by the name that perfectly reflects who we truly are. In the Bible God even renames some people in order to reflect changed lives and changed relationships with Him.

Thank you, Papa, for giving me my own unique name and Your redemptive name.