To unfriend or to bear with…that is the question?

Bear with one another and forgive one another should anyone have a complaint against another. As the Lord graciously has forgiven you, so you must forgive. Col. 3:13

Loving people is more important than defending a position. As passionate and convinced we each are about our ideologies or positions, the people we disagree with feel exactly the same way. We can decide that our relationships are worth the investment it takes to hear one another out to choose to shelve some topics temporarily. Jesus came to earth when humans were are odds with His very nature because the foundation of His relationship with humanity is He loves us. Maybe we can choose to focus on the love that binds us together instead of the ideas that rip us apart. Maybe we can choose to live and love with the tension of disagreement.

Lord, help me to seek out and focus on the joyful connections and to bear with the conflict in my relationships.