I want to sing you a love song

Whether I speak in human, or even angelic, languages, but do not communicate love? My voice becomes like clanging brass or a crashing cymbal. I Cor. 13:1

Love is communicated in more than the words we say or services we render, it’s also communicated in how, when, where, and why we speak. Love is communicated in our vocal tone, inflection, and timing; in our facial expressions, posture, and proximity. Love is unseen and unspoken force, the agenda and the intentions that give our loving expressions meaning and purpose. This force is not an abstract idea or energy, it’s God Who is Personal and relational. God did not “so love the world” without so loving each of us as specific, individual entities. The atonal clanging of good intentions becomes melody, harmony, and rhythm when we accept, enjoy, and celebrate the “otherness” of the other person in each relationship.

Lord, thank you for authentic, melodious love.