A perspective on waiting

Cause me to tread in Your truth, and teach me, because you are my God, my salvation. I have waited all day near You. – Ps. 25:5

Sometimes we have to sit around and wait. Sometimes we have to walk through some sketchy terrain with no end in sight. Sometimes we have to wait without understanding or being able to change anything. Sometimes it seems like things around us are going to pieces while we wait. Sometimes we feel like we are going to pieces. No matter how we perceive the wait, God is still our salvation and He is always near us; in fact, He is closer than near. He is always with us, in us, and for us; and we are always in Him. This is a truth we can walk on when we are having to wait out a bad patch or a delay in moving on to something good.

Lord, help me experience Your nearness and with-ness as I walk and as I wait in You.