Chucking our defunct narratives

Lay aside your former self, corrupted by desires of the deceit and be renewed by the Spirit of your mind. Eph. 4:22-23

Though we may be convinced of Christ and our redemption through Him, our thinking, our responses and/or how we perceive ourselves can come from unconscious and deeply ingrained narratives. Christ has restored the true narrative about each of us that casts us as significant, beloved, empowered children. His Spirit dwelling in us renews our perspectives so that our responses can be informed by that narrative. Yet we sometimes unconsciously hold onto old, false narratives, and be unaware of how they influence our thoughts and feelings until something triggers our awareness of them. These defunct narratives can be laid aside. We can choose to let Christ’s narrative power our self-concepts, thoughts, responses, emotions or decisions.

Lord, help me to live out of my present self.