Who are you to say…

Now I have become foolish; you have forced me [by questioning my apostleship]. Actually I should have been commended by you [instead of being treated disdainfully], for I was not inferior to those super-apostles, even if I am nobody. 2 Cor 12:11 (Amp)

Anyone can have insight. Anyone can contribute valid ideas. Anyone can ask cogent questions. Anyone can offer viable suggestions. Paul seems to have had to establish his right to speak and the validity of a message coming from him before anyone was willing to seriously entertain the message itself. People applied their own cultural and personal filters and biases for the apostles and against Paul to Paul’s message of grace and inclusion. Certainly there should be a process for vetting ideas. There is a need for expert opinion and for authoritative sources of information. But there also has to be room for innovation, inspiration, and revelation and willingness to examine the filters and biases that affect how we receive ideas. Who are your “super-apostles”?

Lord, give me the grace to really listen to and consider the messages that people I meet are communicating with me.