“Quiet time.” I don’t think these words mean what you think they mean

…for God, be silent O my soul, for from Him is my hope. Ps. 62:5

Our “quiet times” can seem anything but quiet. All the busyness and worry that consume our minds may simply turn into gut-wrenching prayers. Study time can get the wheels spinning rather than contributing to silence. We all need quiet times that remove us from our concerns and offer genuine quiet, stillness, peace, and rest. In this quiet we can feel deeply aware of and connected to Christ. In this quiet we might feel like we are breathing eternity in and out, like we are weightless in His love and grace. This kind of quiet time can make the rest of the day (including time we spend praying or studying) feel richer, more meaningful, more hopeful, more real.

Lord, thank you for refreshing my soul in the quiet.