On finals and other measurement

It is my earnest expectation and hope that I will in no way be put to shame but with complete boldness Christ will be exalted in me whether in life or death. Phil. 1:10

Engineer and businessman W. Edwards Deming coined the phrase, “you can expect what you inspect.” This is the reason teachers evaluate student learning and businesses have employee reviews. Following all the rules and not messing up does not demonstrate Christ revealed and exalted in us any more than regurgitation of information or perfect executing of basic skills demonstrates higher level thinking or creativity. If we focus on simply avoiding shame and embarrassment then we probably will manage to do that, perhaps only that. If we inspect the exalted Christ then we can expect to reflect His image. Here, the analogy breaks down. We don’t have to worry about measuring up because Christ is still the full measure. Loving and seeing Christ and noticing Christ revealed in others is not something that is truly measurable.

Lord, help me to look at You and long for You.