…giving thanks to the Father who made us  ικανοω tr. “meet” (means fit, adequate, or enough) to participate in the inheritance of the hágios tr. “saints” (means holy, also otherness or difference) in the light of the kingdom of God. Co. 1:12

There is a difference, a kind of otherness about my perspective because of Christ that does not quite fit some of the narratives I’ve believed about myself in the past. There is an otherness about God’s goodness and love that seems foreign to the ways of so much of the world. And yet, there is also a familiarity that speaks to inheritance, to a kind of belonging that confirms this realization is a return to something ancient and destined. We were always meant for the light, always meant to be His children, always meant to participate, always meant to be reconciled to His nature.

Lord, help us to participate more consciously in being light, especially when light seems like otherness to the norm.