Our current situation

God [presumably the Father] rescued us from the exousia tr. authority or domain (also means: right to rule, moral influence) of skotos tr. darkness (also means: blindness, ignorance respecting divine things, immorality) and methistēmi tr. transferred (also means: change situation, to remove from office) us into  basileia tr. kingdom (also means: rule, dominion or royal palace) of His beloved Son in whom we have apolytrōsis tr. redemption (also means: release from slavery, reclaimed) the aphesis tr. forgiveness (also means: a sending away, a release, sending away) of hamartia tr. sin (also means missing the mark, failure).* Col. 1:13

So if we have experienced a change of situation that puts is in a different domain from the one we previously inhabited and whatever influences that caused blindness, ignorance or failure are part of the previous domain, then what is keeping us from experiencing our current situation as a reality? Could it be regret over the past or fear about the future? What might change in our lives if we were able to accept or even contemplate a reality in which the power of God actually puts us in a whole new realm in this present moment?

Lord, help me to send away, as You have sent away, so that I process life through the lens of my current situation, where Your love and grace have placed me.


*It’s interesting to me to consider all the way words could be translated. It can alter the meaning we derive from the words significantly. It occurred to me at some point that most translations are done with presuppositions about what is meant based on very rigid theological considerations. I do not speak Greek but I can use dictionaries and research historical contexts.