The domino effect

Christ is the head of the body, the church. He is the “archē” tr. beginning (also origin, leader, or the first person or thing in a series, the extremity, the principality or rule), the firstborn “ek” tr. “from” (expanded meaning is “out from among, from the inside out”) from the dead in order that he might “ginomai” tr. be (means: emerge, transition from one state to another, change of state from one to another) preeminent in all things. Col. 1:18

Imagine wandering through a giant maze of rotting wooden dominoes, each one being something that misinforms or misdirects. Because this is the world we know, we keep propping up the dominoes. As the first in the series, Christ’s victory over death topples the big one at the end. One by one the dead wood that built up over time in humankind’s pursuit (or avoidance) of relationship with God falls. The landscape changes; light streams in and one by one over time a series of wide-eyed humans emerge from the rubble. His preeminence in all things in our individual lives affects our own emergence out from among the dead wood that obscures our view, distracts our attention, and creates dead-end detours. How we experience our lives in Christ is a matter of what we choose to focus on, what we try to prop up, and what we make priority.

Lord, keep knocking down my dead dominoes, keep emerging as preeminent.