Mystery solved, sort of

God put me [Paul] here for your benefit, to make the* word** of God fully known, the* mystery that* was hidden for the* ages and the* generations but now revealed to his saints; to them God desired to make known among the* Gentiles the* glorious riches of this one and no other*** mystery which is Christ in you, the* hope, the* glory. Col. 1:26-27

Paul says he is there to explain a mystery that has been hidden for ages before the time he is speaking. Generations of Jews had not been able to unlock this mystery. Their definitive solution: “Moses on the mountain with the tablets” didn’t win their cosmic game of Clue. So, according to Paul, now God is revealing the mystery, aka “the word of God” not only to the people who might have been trying to figure it out but also to people who weren’t even playing the game, the Gentiles. So what is it? What is the mystery? What is the “word of God?” Christ in you with hope and glory. Christ is God’s divine utterance, the conclusion to which all His previous discourse and analogy speaks. And He dwells inside us. Christ is this intimate, specific presence within us and yet how this can be, what this means, and where it takes us opens up yet another exciting mystery.

Lord, open my heart and mind to the mysteries of You in me, the hope, and the glory of that.

*ho tr. “the” and “of” (means: “who, what, which, what, that”)
**logos tr. “word” (means “divine utterance,” “analogy,” “speaking to a conclusion,” “discourse”)
***ho ho houtos” appears before mystery (the “houtos” indicates something specific, “this one,” also refers to the subject of the sentence)