Love reasoning, reason lovingly

I am telling you this so that no one can deceive you by false reasoning using persuasive arguments. Col. 2:4

Paul, in the previous verse just got through telling the Colossians that love is the starting point to apprehending the knowledge that leads to fulfillment. And that that in Christ all the wisdom and knowledge is hidden. Even knowing this people can be persuasive with out using good reasoning. There are two types of reasoning.
Deductive reasoning starts with a theory, gathers and observes data and then uses that data to reach a conclusion that can be considered proof of the theory.
Inductive reasoning begins with a premise, gathers and observes uses inferences to arrive at a theoretical conclusion.
Inductive reasoning is just about all we’ve got to go on in theological debate. There is very little Christians can prove conclusively. Realizing that goes a long way toward assessing arguments and offering opinions. So does understanding rhetorical fallacy.
The assumption that Christ is preeminent and that He is love is an interesting and challenging premise with which to start and argument. What kind of argument can even follow that?

Lord, let not only my words, but my tone and spirit reflect the preeminence and love of Christ.