The Tribe of Christ

…for even if in the flesh I am absent, yet I am in the spirit with you, beholding and taking joy in the harmonious order* and solid foundation of your faith in Christ. Col. 2:5

Seth Godin describes a tribe as “a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. Hallmarks of a well-functioning tribe is for members to feel that they belong, to feel appreciated and accepted, and to feel they are valuable to the idea that brought the group together.  “Taxis,” frequently translated “good order,” means harmonious arrangement in the way a military brigade functions as one unit. Though he had not yet visited Colossae when this letter was written, Paul identifies himself as one of the tribe: “I am with you in Spirit,” and compliments them on their harmony and unity as a group. Continuing the theme of the centrality of Christ from earlier in the letter, Paul applauds how inter-connected and united in Christ, their leader, this groups seems to be. He reminds them of the idea, the good news, once again Christ Himself, that gives the tribe its identity. How functional are the tribes that bind us to Christ and to one another?

Lord, thank you for the identity we have in Christ as individuals and in our tribes.