Life story spoiler: Christ Wins

He forgave and cancelled the demands of the law, which was hostile to us, he has taken away the law by nailing it to the cross. He stripped the principalities of power, publicly showing them up for what they are though Christ’s triumph over them. Col. 2:14b-15

The hostility of the law leaves us feeling condemned, controlled, manipulated, indebted, guilty, and exhausted. At the cross Christ took away the power of law, along with all the other empty deceits referenced earlier in the chapter. Christ made very public and decisive statements about who He came to rescue and, by implication, who would suffer defeat because of that rescue. We are broken hearts now restored, captives now freed, impaired people now whole, impoverished souls made rich. By recognizing His triumph we can begin to live like it.

Lord, show me how to live my life with the awareness that You have defeated all the things that oppressed and suppressed me.