One sure fire way to be less obnoxious

“Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!” Such teachings are about perishable things. These rules might seem god because rules like these promote will power, humility,  and asceticism but provide no value toward the goal of addressing self-indulgence. Col. 2:21-23

We identify some personal goal or some self-destructive tendency and decide to use one of the many programs or apps designed to help us with self-control. Follow a diet. Create a budget. Read the Bible in a year. Do the 12 steps. Walk the 10,000 steps. Practice daily for half-an hour. Disciplines can be beneficial to our lives; and there is nothing wrong with using tools that help us live healthier, more functional lives. Overemphasis on our disciplines makes us obnoxious, though. Relationships suffer when we base our esteem of ourselves and others on measuring up to a discipline. Legalism happens when we make doctrines out of a discipline that works for us as individuals and attempt to impose it on everyone else as the God-approved method for addressing a particular issue. This does not work. And…if you must be a vocal evangelist about something, let it be about the love, grace, and freedom of Christ not your current self-improvement program.

Lord, If we employ disciplines help us to do so appropriately.