The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of seeking

Therefore if raised with the Christ, seek* what is above where Christ is seated, at the right of God, focus on things above not on things on earth for you did die and your life is hid in Christ. Col. 3:1-3

To “seek” here means to inquire, to investigate, to deliberate.  “Who, what, when, where, why, and how” are starting points for inquiry.
“Who” – the Christ. This is beyond the person of Jesus. This is about His restorative purpose and function.
“What” – Seek, think about, focus on, and give priority to Christ
“When” – Focus is on the present reality of Christ
“Where” – As physical beings we like being able to place something or someone in a location. Metaphorically gods in most traditions reside above. The right hand of God positions Christ in a place of power and authority. We also consider “higher” thinking to focus on more abstract, philosophical, and altruistic ideas while practical and sensual thought belong in the earthly realms. Remember also that earlier in the letter Paul also locates Christ as “in” us and locates us “in” Him.
“Why” – The “therefore” at the beginning indicates the “why” or “because,” linking this passage to what was just said about not having to be influenced by or connected to sin or law. Paul used “dead” there too.
“How” – The secret is “in” Christ. Being “in” is experiential, encompassing but not limited to cognitive or emotional intelligence or awareness. There is no step-by-step process for seeking. The good news is that Christ already places us “in” Himself. Seeking leads us higher up and further in.
* The Greek word”zéteó ζητειτε” tr. “seek” means “to seek by inquiry.”
**The Greek word “kryptō” tr. “hid” also means “keep secret”