Aware and unaware

When Christ – who is our life – is made manifest*, then you will be manifest with Him in glory**. Col. 3:4

Is it possible that Christ can so permeate our lives that we provide clarity and concrete visuals of Him as we go about our lives in His love, grace, and peace?  Is it possible that we might enjoy moments of keen awareness, clarity, and glory in Christ through prayer, meditation, revelation, or some other God-initiated transcendent experience?  The theme of Colossians is the centrality of Christ and the impact of focusing on Who He Is and who we are in Him right now. These ideas are the immediate context of this verse. So maybe this is not (or not only) about some future revelation of Christ but about awareness of Christ that is available to us right now because in Him we live and move and have our being and He is our life.

Lord, You are my life when I am aware and when I am unaware of it.

*φανερόω phaneroō tr. “appears” or “is manifested” means “become apparent, made clear, made visible, made evident, shown, revealed, disclosed”

** δόξα, ης, ἡ doxa tr. “glory” meanings include “private opinion; reputation resulting in honor; brightness of sun and moon; magnificence or excellence; glorious condition or exalted state”