Love gets top billing again

and above* all these things, [have] love, which is a bond** of completeness.*** Col. 3:14

Love as priority in content, motive, and response is a theme throughout the epistles of Paul and the teachings of Jesus recorded in the Gospels. Not only is love “above” in the sense of priority, but it is also the outer layer and the permeating substance encompassing every other idea related to faith. Epidermis, the word for skin, has the same root. It’s the binding agent that holds everything else together and in place as a united whole. Christ is the love is that is before all things and holds everything together, including us. When a message is contained in love, when love is the driving motive and the leading tone in communication, it comes out differently and it’s received differently.

Lord, let love be priority and binding agent in all in my thoughts, emotions, responses, choices, and relationships.


*ἐπί, epi tr. “above” also means “on, upon, around, before, the basis of, embrace”

**σύνδεσμος  sundesmos tr. “bond” means “that which binds together, a bundle”

***teleiotēs – refers back to previous point about love as perfection and completeness made in Col. 1:28