An umpire called Peace

Let the peace of Christ make the call* in your heart, the peace to which indeed we are invited in one body. And be thankful. Col. 3:15

One of the challenges of working with others as a unit is having everyone on the same page. With the goals of efficiency, authority, consistency, or precision rather than peace, the way we decide to engage and respond to one another is often ruled by our heads rather than our hearts. Sometimes our hearts are ruling, but our pride-driven motives are to win or to rule rather than to resolve and to progress. Sometimes our heads and our hearts need an umpire. Who is in charge here and what are we trying to accomplish? Peace is not a call to compromise excellence, but to develop relationships and to experience unity on the way to achieving excellent results. Addressing others with love and patience might actually help them listen and respond positively to our messages so that issues can be resolved with less drama and more grace. Tone can go a long way in communication.

Lord, help me to remember how connected I am to those around me and that we are all in You together.

*βραβεύω brabeuó tr. “rule” also means “umpire, arbitrate, decide, determine, control”