Is continual prayer even possible?

Continue in pray, stay awake and alert* in it with thanksgiving. Col. 4:2

Continual prayer is an impossible ask if we view God as an idea that fits neatly into one of the many compartments in our lives and prayer as a conscious exercise we do in that compartment. Continual prayer becomes a state of being if we view God as the Life within which all our lives (and all their compartments) are contained. Prayer then becomes both conscious communication and unconscious awareness of God. Conscious prayer still matters. Conscious conversation with God makes the relationship tangible for us.  We need to be able to consciously express our joys, hopes, fears, sorrows, and desires to God and ask for His help. We need the catharsis prayer can provide. Only God knows how intercession works, but our conscious prayers for the good of others shines some positive and helpful light into their lives. Conscious prayer simply punctuates the experience of being in Him all the time.

Lord, You know but I’m still telling you.

γρηγορέω grēgoreō tr. “vigilant or watchful” literally means “awake or stay awake”