Colossians, that’s a wrap

Tychicus…will tell you all the news of me…and encourage your hearts. With him is Onesimus, who is one of you; Aristarchus…Mark…Epaphras, Luke, and Demas send greetings…Give my greetings to the brothers at Laodicea, to Nympha, to the church that meets at her house, and tell Archippus to “Complete* the ministry** you have received*** from the Lord.” Grace out from jail – Paul. Col. 4:7-18

The inter-connectivity of the body of Christ is reemphasized in the closing of this letter with a flurry of greetings and encouragements. We don’t know a lot about most of the people mentioned. Archippus is also mentioned in the letter to Philemon. Paul is encouraging Archippus about internalizing and embracing the way that Christ is serving others through him. We all need encouraging friends in our lives who recognize Christ-in-us as He is manifested through our unique passions, purposes, and contributions and who encourage our responses and growth as His children. We need reminders that we are not alone in living that out, but in Christ together with others.

Lord, in You I live and move and have my being, in You I discover identity and meaning and connection. May I receive and communicate this reality as my true self.

*plēroō tr. “complete” also means “to make full, to abound; to carry through to the end”
**diakonia tr. “ministry” means “those who execute the commands of others; waiting at table)
***paralambanō tr. “received” also means “to take with one’s self; to accept or acknowledge one as he professed to be; to to receive with the mind; to receive something transmitted”