Your booth is a trap. Knock down the walls. Walk away from it.

Jesus Matthew sitting in the tax booth, and he said, “Follow me.”
So Matthew got up and and followed Him. Matt. 9:9

Imagine what it would be like for IRS personnel to have to sit in kiosks on the street, in shopping centers, or in
toll booths along the roadside. Imagine a country where taxation was heavy, extremely regressive, and done without representation or benefit to those being taxed. Imagine being the face of this countries’ IRS equivalent. Matthew must have hated his job even though it payed well, gave him power, and provided some leeway with the Romans that most Jews did not enjoy. Matthew and anyone who would be friends with him were what the Pharisees and upright citizens of Capernaum considered contemptible “scum.” Matthew probably felt locked into his life as it was, but two words from Jesus and Matthew was out of the booth ready to ditch whatever power and wealth was associated with staying in it because he understood how much he needed a change and trusted Jesus to be the change he needed.
That night Matthew threw a party so his lowlife friends could meet Jesus.
“What was Jesus thinking?” Peter mutters to James.
“Maybe Jesus doesn’t know everything after all,” says Nathaniel to Philip.
John and Andrew huddle together humming “Mama Told Me Not to Come.”
The Pharisees went to Jesus’ disciples, “This is no mixer for nice Jewish boys. Why is your teacher hanging with this crew?”
Jesus didn’t leave his boys struggling for an explanation. This was still new to them. He stepped in with His answer, “Well people don’t need a doctor. I didn’t come for the righteous and I’m not about sacrifice, I’m about mercy for people who know they need change.”
The Pharisees were interested in preserving their system and the power and status it gave them. They were counting on their own righteousness earned by their own acts of sacrifice. They were not about to leave their booths.
Some of the followers who had tried to carry their own little legalistic booths on the journey with Jesus had to knock down a wall or two that night to make room for Matthew.  (based on Matt 9:9-13)

Lord, help everyone who feels trapped in a tiny booth to abandon it for Your big, beautiful world and everyone in it.